Dorothy and her gun that founded in the world of oz

Dorothy Gale is the main character of the World Of Oz. She lives in New York City in 1998. Dorothy has also a cat name Toto. Dorothy followed Toto to the World Of Oz. She meet a goodfairy named Miranda and the Patchkins in the World Of Oz. She followed the request of Miranda to walk still in the Yellow Sidewalk to keep safe from The Witch because she is wearing her sister's (Witch's Sister) red boots. Dorothy met up with Scarecrow, Thinman and Cowardly Lion in the same Yellow Sidewalk. Later, Dorothy and her friends arrives in Emeraldopolis. Dorothy wants to talk to the Master But The Master was angry and mad. Dorothy ignored it. Suddenly, The Master asked Dorothy to stole the Wicked Witch's Wishing Ball to granted the master's wish.


Early LifeEdit

Dorothy's erarly life was not yet revealed.

The World Of OzEdit

Dorothy was prepared for her 1st School Day but suddenly, A Cat appear from nothing reminds Dorothy to enter the world of Oz. The Cat's name is Toto. After Dorothy enter the world of oz, Dorothy meets Miranda the goodfairy reminds Dorothy to walk still in the Yellow Sidewalk Because, The Wicked Witch insulted Dorothy that she's wearing her sister's red boots. Later, Dorothy meet up with Scarecrow, Thinman and Cowardly Lion in the same Yellow Sidewalk mile.Together, they arrived in Emeraldopolis. Dorothy enjoed her day in Emeraldopolis


  • Dorothy was wearing her school uniform while entering the world of Oz

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