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The World Of Oz is a fan novel made by Gian Paolo Mallo with his assistant Kristine Nicole Sator and his supervisor Hepzi Joy Asentista.

The Story is all about a student named Dorothy who find herself in The World Of Oz.

The World Of Oz is a black adaption of The Wizard Of Oz by L. Frank Baum.


One Day, Dorothy found herself a black and white cat who's name is Toto. Toto explained Dorothy about the cupboard near the bed was not really a cupboard. Dorothy checked the cupboard. Later, Dorothy feel something on her back, The Cupboard was glowing it lights. Dorothy enters the cupboard and came out into a new world called Oz. After Dorothy arrived at the new world, Dorothy meet Miranda the good fairy and the patchkins. The Wicked Witch suddenly apear and insulted Dorothy that She's wearing her sister's red boots. The Wicked Witch suddenly disappered. Meanwhile, Miranda tells Dorothy to walk on the Yellow Sidewalk (The Yellow Sidewalk). Later, She meet Scarecrow, Thinman and Cowardly Lion. Will Dorothy keep safe while these guys are with her? Find it out

Songs used in the novelEdit

  • The Yellow Sidewalk by Miranda The Good Fairy
  • You Can't Win by Scarecrow
  • The Yellow Sidewalk (Another Patchkin Land version) by Dorothy, Scarecrown and the patchkins
  • Ease Down The Road by ThinMan and Cowardly Lion
  • Emeraldopolis Sequence (You Got To Bee Seen Green) by Emeraldopolis pedestrians
  • The Master Of The World Of Oz by The Wizard Of Oz
  • The Wicked Witch is Dead By Wicked Witch's Soldiers
  • Emeraldopolis (Reprise) by Emeraldopolis pedestrians
  • There Is No Place Like Home (The Yellow Sidewalk reprise) by Miranda
  • Home by Dorothy


  • The World Of Oz is simmilar to the film The Wiz and Phineas And Ferb: The Wizard Of OddS
  • Some songs are used in the film The Wiz and the Tv show Phineas And Ferb: The Wizard Of Odd
  • This is a Twisted Story of the Wizard Of Oz

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